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PNP Breaker Board Range

The PNP Breaking Board range showing the white, black and natural boards

3 High Quality Boards

The PNP Martial arts breaking boards are available in 3 break strengths. 

Tested over 100 breaks the boards show very little variance in resistance. Making them the first choice for competitive breaking 

Natural - Break Strength 25 - Junior or for use in tie break situations

White - Break Strength 50 - our most popular board and used in ITF competitions 

Black - Break Strength 80 - The toughest board to break, only for the very experienced martial artist. 

The PNP Breaker Boards is re-breakable and can easily slide back together after each break.

Once broken, slide the two halves back together

The breaker boards have rounded corners and radius edges. Manufactured from an engineering polymer the boards are extremely durable and can be easily slide back together to be broken over and over again without lost of resistance. 

The PNP Breaker board is made from two identical halves, this image shows a close up of the the join of a martial arts breaking board

The best martial arts breaking boards on the market nothing else compares