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Wesley Filiki world Taekwondo champion breaking a white PNP breaking board


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Best Rebreakable Boards on the Market

23 May 2019


I can't say enough good things about these boards. I am from the US and have to special order these from England. They don't produce any boards of this strength in America anymore. I have been in Taekwondo 29 years and have been breaking with these types of boards the entire time. Best thing about these boards is that you can stack them together so you can practice breaks that would be the equivalent to seven, eight, or nine boards. Three of these boards, brand new, would be about the same as eight or nine real wooden boards (wood varies around the word).

These boards do loosen over time as they are used. We buy a new set at our gym roughly every ten years. We still use some that are close to forty years old. Those still have the strength of roughly 70% of a real wooden board.

Finally, the most common complaint is see online is how these boards are either too hard to break or unbreakable. I assure you this is not the case. For serious power breaking you do need proper technique. However, these boards can still be used for those still on the path toward developing proper technique. Just slide these board apart as needed and put them in the board holder. In other words, only put them half together. This way, even small children can use them to practice their breaking.

Breaking a black PNP breaking board
Wesley Filiki fist punching a white martial arts breaking board


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